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Historical documents

243 Letter from Francis to Anthony

Canberra, 20 May 1982

CER: Export Incentives/Quantitative Restrictions

The New Zealand Cabinet Economic Committee has agreed to a package containing the following elements being put to Australia:

  1. Subject to Australian acceptance of the safeguards provisions negotiated by officials, agree that Australia be informed that the New Zealand Government can accept:
    1. 31 March 1988 as the terminal date for performance based export incentives with phasing to commence after 31 March 1985.
    2. 30 June 1995 as the terminal date for quantitative restrictions.
  2. Agree that Australia be informed that at the time of the 1988 review of CER, New Zealand will wish to establish that substantial progress has been made on all aspects affecting the liberalisation of trade including state purchasing and harmonisation of standards.

I am also directed to inform you that it was only with great difficulty that New Zealand Manufacturers were persuaded that we should not directly link progress on the issues in (II) to confirmation at the review of the 1995 terminal date.

I trust that you will agree that the above represents confirmation of New Zealand's attitude in regard to two of the most difficult issues in the CER negotiations and would appreciate your comments.1

[NAA: A1313/113, 82/1226, v]

  • 1 Francis sent copies of the letter to Nixon, Scully and Duthie.
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