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Historical documents

219 Minute from Lincoln to Laurie, Hughes, Verner

Canberra, 29 October 1982

CER-Mr Anthony's Negotiations in Wellington

Geoff Bentley has just rung to advise of progress:

  1. New Zealand has agreed to the phasing of export incentives at 50% phase out in 1985, 75% in 1986 and complete termination in 1987;
  2. New Zealand has agreed to a $400,000 figure as the basis for initial access under import licensing, but discussion is continuing on the details- they have proposed a starting figure of $400,000 or 5% (we have sought 10%) with a rate of increase of 15% a year up to $1 million (we have sought 10%).
  1. This seems to suggest that the distance between the two sides has considerably shrunk.
  2. Nevertheless the T and R officials in the Australian delegation report Mr Anthony as not optimistic that Australian Ministers will accept the new package (despite this morning's press accounts).1

New Zealand Section

Mr Laurie: Trade and Resources have confirmed the above account this morning. Mr Muldoon conceded on the phasing of export incentives almost immediately. The NZ offer on import licensing is felt to give a little less initial access than we sought but a faster rate of increase in the earlier stages; and to be as far as New Zealand could go. Trade and Resources are now preparing a Cabinet Submission for consideration early next week, which will recommend the new package. They believe they will have the support of both PM & C and Industry and Commerce. They will convene an interdepartmental meeting in the next day or two.

1 November 19822

[NAA: A1838, 37011/19/18, xxxiv]

  • 1 Laurie forwarded the minute to Henderson with the annotation: 'This is the first news. We'll be in touch with T&R. R. L. 29/10'.
  • 2 Lincoln added this postscript to the end of the minute on 1 November. Laurie annotated it: 'Thanks. Pis keep me V closely informed. R. L. 1111'.
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