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202 File Note by Lind

Canberra, 17 August 1982


Secretary's telephone discussion with Mr Clark-1718182

Phasing out of Export Incentives

Mr Scully referred to the problem on the question of phasing out of incentives. While he had deliberately not raised it with the Minister yet, he was quite sure that the Minister regarded the phasing as agreed. In his (the Minister) discussion with Mr Muldoon on 1988 and then 1987 phasing had been seen as the fixed star & Cabinet and others had been told this.

Mr Scully offered to attempt to formulate some words which would be helpful to New Zealand without disowning the Australian position. He would come back on this before going to the Minister. It might then be appropriate for the Minister to contact Mr Muldoon on the question.

Mr Clark confirmed the New Zealand position as outlined by Mr Woodfield. He expressed appreciation of the way we were trying to solve the problem.

Subsequently the Secretary commented to me that it may be difficult to find words which met both sides.

[matter omitted]

[NAA: A13131113, 82/2594, vi]

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