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200 Letter from Fraser to Anthony

Canberra, 10 August 1982


I am writing to you concerning the suggested minimum base access levels contained in the draft proposals for a Closer Economic Relationship with New Zealand.

It has been suggested to me that, in some instances the minimum base of $NZ200,000 or 5% of the domestic market-whichever is the lower-will be too small to permit an exporter to mount a viable export program. I have also received specific representations from the National Director of MTIA and from the Queensland COD1 in which increased access opportunities were sought. I am advised that other industry groups have made similar requests.

I would see merit in the question of access levels being given particular attention in the report being prepared by officials examining public reaction to the CER proposals, and in the Submission you are preparing following Cabinet Decision No. 18018 of 1 June 1982.

I am sending a copy of this letter to our colleagues the Minister for Industry and Commerce and the Minister for Primary Industry.

[NAA: A[1313/116, 84/2288, i]

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