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184 Note from O'Sullivan to Yeend

Canberra, 29 March 1982

Closer Economic Relations with New Zealand

This note outlines the proposed program for discussions with New Zealand.

The Joint Working Party is to meet in Wellington this week (30 March to 1 April). During the Joint Working Party meetings an 'exposure draft' is to be discussed with New Zealand. This draft has been prepared as a possible basis for public presentation of a final CER package to meet the Government's undertaking in relation to consultations with State Governments and other interested parties.

The text of the exposure draft is based largely on Part I of the draft Joint Report of Permanent Heads.1 Work on the draft is without prejudice to the preparation of a final version of the Joint Report of Permanent Heads in the light of further negotiations.

Mr Scully proposes to chair a meeting of Australian Permanent Heads on Tuesday 13 April in Canberra to discuss the exposure draft and Australia's negotiating tactics.

A meeting of Australian and New Zealand Permanent Heads is then to take place, in Canberra, on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 April (carrying on to 16 April if required) with a view to producing an agreed draft for consideration by both Governments.

Mr Anthony is tentatively scheduled to visit New Zealand in the week beginning 19 April for further negotiations with New Zealand Ministers.

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  • 1 Document 139.
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