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144 Australian Dairy Farmers' Federation to Street

Melbourne, 26 February 1981

I have attached for your information a copy of a submission outlining the ADFF's position in respect to the proposed closer economic relationship with New Zealand.

The Australian dairy industry's view can be summarized by the following policy statement endorsed at the last meeting of the Australian Dairy Industry Conference.

'That the Australian Dairy Industry Conference strongly supports the exclusion of dairy products from any phased reduction of trade barriers between Australia and New Zealand. Special circumstances apply to the institutional arrangements of the dairy industries in the two countries that would result in unfair and unreasonable disruption to the Australian dairy industry in the event of any relaxation of the formal and informal arrangements that now control trade in dairy products. Because of the serious disruption that would inevitably result from greater New Zealand access to the Australian domestic market, the current agreements between the two dairy industries should be formalized at government level.'

The attached submission explains the basis of the firm stand taken by the dairy industry on this issue. Should you require any further explanation of the points raised in this submission, I would be happy to discuss the matter with you personally.

C.R. MANNERS Executive Director

[NAA: A1838, 370/1119/18, xxi]

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