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94 Cablegram From Spender to Casey

Cablegram, Washington, 18 June 1951


[matter omitted]

I saw Dulles this afternoon and had a general talk on the outcome of his talks in the United Kingdom.

[matter omitted]

3. (a) The New York Times reported on 14th June that Dulles had discussed in London and Paris a possible extension of Pacific security arrangements to permit the participation of the United Kingdom and France. In response to an enquiry about this report Dulles said that the French had raised this point, also Salisbury[1] on behalf of the conservative element in the United Kingdom. Dulles had informed both the British and French that the proposed triangular pact between Australia, United States and New Zealand provided for consultation with other states in a position to further the purposes of the treaty and that no doubt countries in a position to contribute to security in the Pacific would be consulted. He had also informed them that if a wider Pacific Pact was later contemplated their interests would be taken into account. Dulles assured me in substance that, so far as our tripartite pact was concerned, there was complete approval by the United Kingdom that discussions on this matter would not be re-opened and that matter would be concluded solely between the 3 parties. Dulles did not ask me nor did I advance any views on the drafting of Article VIII (your 658).

[matter omitted]

1 The Marquess of Salisbury, R. A. J. Gascoyne-Cecil.

[NAA : A6364, WH1951/2 IN]
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