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Historical documents

79 Cablegram From Embassy in Washington to Spender

Cablegram, Washington, 4 April 1951


Your 275.[1]

Dulles was out of town and is returning to Washington tonight. Your message was, therefore, handed in a sealed envelope to Allison who promised to place it in Dulles's hands tonight.

2. Having in mind paragraph 5 of your telegram No. 271[2] we did not make any reference to Allison to the Pact or the inclusion of the Philippines. Allison, however, volunteered on a personal and confidential basis the following information which will no doubt be conveyed to you later by Dulles.

A. Clearance was at present being sought in State and Defence Departments for an alteration to Dulles terms of reference which would allow him to 'explore possibilities of security arrangements' (plural) in the Pacific. This document, if cleared, would be submitted to President for approval. If Presidential approval were forthcoming, it was hoped that within 10 days public announcement would be made that the United States was in a position to negotiate security arrangements separately with following countries:

(a) Australia, New Zealand.

(b) The Philippines thus formalising existing defence tie-up with Philippines, and
(c) Japan.

It was contemplated that public announcement would state that these arrangements would be concluded at the same time as signing of Japanese Peace Treaty.

B. Franks had a tentative appointment to see Rusk and Dulles at 4.00 p.m. on 5th April.

1 Document 77.

2 4 April. Spender advised Makin that the UK Cabinet had still not considered the Australian reply dated 22 March to Gordon Walker (for text see Document 71). He added that while 'I do not propose to raise any objection against discussion of the Pact between Franks and Dulles, at the same time it should be made clear that I do not assent to or express approval of such discussions taking place. I can only express the hope that if they take place, they will be completed with the utmost possible speed and that they will in no way prejudice the security arrangements discussed with Dulles in Canberra'. Paragraph 5 of the cablegram advised Makin to refer to Spender any proposed action he considered taking in Washington about the matter and to 'exercise the utmost discretion in passing on to Franks information of the kind contained in your telegram 488. I am afraid it might be interpreted as giving additional grounds for delay in completing the Pact'.

[NAA : A1838, TS686/1, i]
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