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77 Cablegram From Spender to Makin

Cablegram, Canberra, 4 April 1951


Please convey following personal message, which should be treated as completely confidential, to Dulles by quickest possible means:

Begins -
1. United Kingdom Government advises that you saw Franks on 30th March, discussed Japanese Peace Treaty and asked whether United Kingdom views on proposed security arrangements in the Pacific were available. When Franks said he was without instructions, discussion on security arrangements continued between you and Franks on personal basis.

2. We are informed that in expressing your own personal views you indicated that it would not be possible for the United States Government to give to Australia and New Zealand a greater measure of protection than to the Philippines; moreover, it would be an advantage to include a non-Western member amongst the parties geographically placed in the Western Pacific area. You added, it is stated, that you would like to talk the matter over with the United Kingdom on the basis of a complete review of British reasons for wishing to exclude the Philippines and American reasons for wishing to have them in. Finally, we are advised, you said that in the meantime you would have a study made to see if any formula could be found to cover the Philippines.

3. Following on this conversation, United Kingdom decided to instruct Franks to express to you reasons for United Kingdom concern regarding possibility of four-power pact including Philippines.

4. I should be glad if you would keep me fully informed of result of your discussions with Franks. I need scarcely say that I am greatly concerned at the continuing delay in securing final expression of United Kingdom views. My concern has been expressed quite clearly in London. I feel confident you will do your utmost to reduce to a minimum the time involved in discussions with United Kingdom, so that we can complete this 'unfinished business' at the earliest possible date. In my opinion it is of the first importance that the Australian public should be given in the very near future a clearer and more specific picture of security arrangements in the Pacific in relation to the Japanese Peace Treaty.

5. I much appreciate your action in sending me in advance portion of the text of your speech at Los Angeles.



[NAA : A6768, EATS 77, iv]
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