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36 Extract From Cablegram From Embassy in Washington to Department of External Affairs

Extract, Washington, 18 January 1951


(e) With regard to a Pacific security arrangement we gathered the impression from Fearey that the United States would regard such an arrangement as a quid pro quo for Australia's acceptance of the type of treaty envisaged by the United States. He said that Japan should be a party to the security arrangement and that Japan would be eligible for membership immediately after the conclusion of the treaty. He went on to say that the security arrangement would not become operative until after the conclusion of a treaty with Japan but that in the meantime a declaration might be made to the effect that a defence arrangement for the Pacific area was being favourabl[y] considered. He also said that the Department of Defence was in favour of a security arrangement for the Pacific area and that it was not contemplated that territories west of the island arc referred to by Dulles would be included in the security arrangement.

(f) If the Dulles mission came to Australia they would also visit the Philippines and possibly New Zealand. In the event of a visit to New Zealand proving impracticable they might suggest that New Zealand be represented at the talks in Australia.

[NAA : A1838 250/7/10, i]
Last Updated: 11 September 2013
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