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35 Cablegram From Menzies to Fadden And Spender

Cablegram, London, 18 January 1951


Re Spender's 363.[1]

I received Dulles message[2] through the American Embassy yesterday and have now sent a reply supporting his proposal. I had previously asked Watt who left this morning to let both of you see Dulles' message in case you have not had a copy through the Embassy at Canberra. Following are texts of message from Dulles and of my reply -
Begins -
'Plan to leave for Japan January 22nd to discuss Japanese Peace settlement and considering possibility of coming to Canberra prior to return to United States about February 15th to discuss with you and Spender Japanese Peace settlement and possible Pacific Security arrangement. Would also expect to discuss the same subjects either together or separately with Australia.[3] Would appreciate your letting me know whether this would be convenient for you and Spender. It is requested that no publicity whatever be given at this time to the possibility of my visiting Australia.' Ends.

Begins -
'I have received your message of 16th January stating that you are considering the possibility of visiting Canberra prior to your return to the United States about 15th February to discuss with Spender and me the Japanese Peace settlement and a possible Pacific Security arrangement. I need scarcely assure that such a visit would give great satisfaction to the Australian Government and would provide a valuable opportunity for discussing two matters of first importance to Australia.

My own movements are still somewhat uncertain but I hope to be back in Australia about the date you mention. In any event, however, I feel it is most desirable that there should be discussions between you, Spender and me (or the Acting Prime Minister) on these matters and I hope to receive early confirmation that you can make such a visit. I note your request that no publicity be given at the present time to the possibility of your visiting Australia.' Ends.

1 Document 33.

2 Cablegram 96 (17 January) from Makin reported that the United States Government had sent a message to Menzies via the US Embassy in London to the effect that Dulles was considering the possibility of visiting Canberra on 15 February, following his visit to Japan. The message inquired whether the proposed visit was convenient at the time suggested.

3 The word 'Australia' should presumably read 'New Zealand'.

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