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30 Cablegram From Makin to Spender

Cablegram, Washington, 11 January 1951


Your 8.[1] Pacific Pact.

I formally presented aide-memoire to Under Secretary Webb[2] today covering the points you mentioned and asking whether any United States reaction was available.

Webb explained he had not followed this matter closely himself but would see that early consideration was given to our enquiry and would let me know the result.

Emphasising that this was in no sense an official reply Webb added it might be useful for us to bear the following considerations in mind:

1. The feelings of the United States Administration and the United States people generally were crystallising around the idea of closer collaboration with other countries. This applied particularly to people like Australians whom the Americans regarded as friends.

2. He recognised the importance of obtaining and considering the views of other countries before United States policies were finally formulated.

3. The main stream of events was carrying the United States in the direction we desired.

1 9 January. It instructed Makin to formally convey the text of Document 29 to the State Department.

2 James E. Webb.

[NAA : A1838, TS250/7/10]
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