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Historical documents

14 Cablegram From Menzies to Fadden

Cablegram, Washington, 3 August 1950


As you will see by immediately following cable, our Mission has had a high measure of success, though an official statement cannot be made for a few weeks.[1]

[matter omitted]

Also tell Percy Spender that the Pacific Pact is not at present on the map because the Americans are uneasy about the stability of most Asiatic countries. We do not need a pact with America. They are already overwhelmingly friendly to us.

If I visit Japan I may be a week longer away.

1 After meetings organised by Acheson with relevant government departments, Menzies was successful in persuading the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development to extend to Australia a loan of $100 million.

[NAA : A11782, 1950/1]
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