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Historical documents

12 Cablegram From Menzies to Spender

Cablegram, London, 22 July 1950


Your 3467.[1]

Fully understand your point of view. Have had close discussions with Attlee and with Douglas,[2] American Ambassador in London. I propose to discuss the whole matter quite fully with Truman and Acheson. What I had in mind was not so much that we should just come in at the tail of cart, but that I myself should have an opportunity of talking to the true actors and then promptly reporting my impressions to my colleagues. If you disagree with this, would be glad if you could advise me quickly as to the nature of the settlement you would personally think it proper to make. This, I do not need to tell you, would have my immediate consideration.

1 Document 11.

2 Lewis W. Douglas.

[NAA : A11536 [1]]
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