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115 Cablegram From Spender to Casey

Cablegram, Washington, 20 September 1951


Tripartite Security Treaty.

Your 1091[1] of 29th August, paragraph 4.

As Dulles is, I gather, not concerned with matters related to the carrying out of the Tripartite Treaty I propose to see Perkins,[2] Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs on 28th September. I shall also consult with Berendsen when he returns to Washington early in October.

2. Officials in Bureau of European Affairs have informed us that they and other interested Government Departments have thus far given little consideration to the establishment of the Council and that they would be most interested to have our views generally on this matter.

3. I feel that the initial approaches to the United States are of the utmost importance and would like to be in a position, when I see Perkins to present to him fairly concrete views as to the nature of the agenda and the general functions of the Council. My tentative view is that we should first devote our energies to the establishment, functions and location of the Council together with necessary administration machinery, which we should endeavour to keep as simple as possible. I would not like to see functions confined to military matters, but would like to have included some economic aspects, political questions bearing on security should also not be excluded. Initial questions on the military level which might be discussed would depend largely on generally strategic considerations and upon advice from our military advisers. The reciprocal use and development of bases referred to in one of your previous cables could well be one item included.

The present looseness of United States thinking give us an opportunity of taking the initiative on the whole matter.

1 Document 112.

2 George W. Perkins.

[NAA : A5460, 217/6, iii]
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