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Historical documents

110 Cablegram From Embassy in Washington to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram, Washington, 8 August 1951

Tripartite Security Treaty.

Our 1389.[1] Following is text of announcement to be made by U.S. at 2000 hours Eastern Standard Time 8 August: Begins:

The Governments of Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America will sign the Tripartite Security Treaty at San Francisco on September 1st. The draft of the Treaty[ ]was initialled by representatives of those Governments in Washington on July 12th and made public at the same time.[2]

This arrangement among the three Governments as said by President Truman in his statement[3] on April 18th is one of a series of arrangements towards strengthening the fabric of peace in the Pacific. It is expected that these will be followed in due course by other steps looking toward what the preamble and Article 8 of the draft Treaty described as 'the development of a common comprehensive system of regional security in the Pacific area'.

As the President announced on July 20th the United States delegation to conclude a Tripartite Security Treaty will be composed of the Secretary of State and Ambassador Dulles together with Senator Connally[4] and Senator Wiley[5] the Chairman and ranking minority member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, all with plenipotentiary powers. Additional delegates with power to act as alternates to those abovementioned will be Senators Sparkman,[6] Alexander Smith,[7] George[8] and Hickenlooper,[9] members of the Senate Foreign Relations Sub-committee on Far Eastern Affairs, and Representatives Mansfield[10] and Judd[11] the Chairman and ranking minority member of the House Foreign Affairs Far Eastern Sub-committee. Ends.

1 Cablegram 1389 (7 August) advised that the United States had agreed to postpone the announcement until 20.00 hours. It had been agreed beforehand that the announcement would be released simultaneously in the three capitals (Washington, Canberra and Wellington).

2 Document 105.

3 See editorial note - The Presidential Statement and Document 88.

4 Senator Tom Connally.

5 Senator Alexander Wiley.

6 Senator John Sparkman.

7 Senator H. Alexander Smith.

8 Senator Walter F. George.

9 Senator Bourne B. Hickenlooper.

10 Congressman Michael J. Mansfield.

11 Congressman Walter H. Judd.

[NAA : A5460, 217/6, iii]
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