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93 Note Verbale From Japanese Embassy To Department Of External

30th December, 1954



No. 141
The Embassy of Japan presents its compliments to the Department of
External Affairs and, with reference to the Note 731/3/9 of the
Right Honourable Minister of State for External Affairs addressed
to the Ambassador of Japan dated November 17,1954 [1], has the
honour to state, under instructions from the Japanese Government,
that the Note is under careful study of the Japanese Government.

In view, however, of the period of time which has elapsed since
Japan proposed trade negotiation with Australia as early as
November last year, the Japanese Government feels it the way to
serve the purpose of the trade talks to consider afresh the
Australian proposal in the light of the prevailing circumstances.

In a belief that the Australian Government would share the above
feeling, the Embassy would like to mention that the lack of any
concrete references in the Note to the matters which the
Australian Government has in its mind for discussion with Japan at
the proposed talks renders it difficult for the Japanese
Government to determine at this moment its attitude towards the
Australian Note. Accordingly, with a view to expediting the
deliberations on the part of the Japanese Government, the Embassy
has the honour to request the Australian Government to be kind
enough to elaborate further upon the Australian idea in this

In putting forward the above request, the attention of the Embassy
has been drawn to the announcement of the Australian Government on
November 17 in which the Australian Government indicated to
reserve its position on the application of the G.A.T.T. principles
to Australian trade relations with Japan. In a sincere desire to
promote trade between the two countries on an equitable as well as
stable basis, the Embassy would like to emphasize again that the
Japanese Government looks forward confidently to prompt and full
support of the Australian Government to Japan's accession to

1 Document 90.

[AA : A1838/278, 3103/10/2, iii]
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