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Historical documents

83 Cabinet Decision 159

26th October, 1954



Submission No. 153-Import Licensing of Japanese Goods and the
proposed Trade and Tariff Talks with Japan [1]

Submission No. 142-Trade Talks with Japan [2]

Cabinet decided to seek the views of the Minister for Commerce and
Agriculture and the Minister for Trade and Customs on the
proposals contained in this submission-both with respect to import
licensing of Japanese goods and with respect to proposed trade and
tariff talks with Japan. These views are to be sought as a matter
of urgency.

Cabinet appointed a committee consisting of the Acting Minister
for Commerce and Agriculture, the Acting Minister for Trade and
Customs and the Vice President of the Executive Council [3] to
consider the data prepared by the Department of Trade and Customs
concerning selected tariff items under which Japan is a
significant or potentially significant supplier to Australia. This
Committee will begin its examination of this data immediately.

1 Document 81.

2 Document 78.

3 Rt Hon. Sir Eric Harrison.

[AA : A1838/283, 759/1/7,i]
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