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Historical documents

71 Cabinet Committee Decision 103(Hoc)

14th September, 1954

Submission No. 108-General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
[matter omitted]

The Committee noted the interdepartmental report on Japan and
discussed the timing of an initial approach to the Japanese to
open trade negotiations. It was agreed that import licensing
restrictions against Japanese goods should not be associated
directly with any trade negotiations. We should maintain our right
to take unilateral action on import licensing matters.

The majority view of the Committee was that Australia could not
postpone negotiations with Japan much longer but it was agreed to
defer an announcement of any intention to open negotiations until
after the Commonwealth talks. This would enable our delegation to
report the views of other Commonwealth countries. In the meantime
the Departments concerned should proceed with preparation of
material which would indicate the concessions we may seek, the
commitments we could accept and the nature of escape provisions
which would be necessary.

[AA : A4906. VOLUME 4]
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