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45 Cabinet Committee [1] Decision Oc(D)9

16th October, 1953

Japan and G.A.T.T.

The Committee's discussion related to the letter of 9th October,
1953, from the United Kingdom High Commissioner to the Prime
Minister proposing that United Kingdom and Australia support a
proposal for Japanese participation in the G.A.T.T. subject to
specific safeguards. The Committee also had before it a draft
telegram prepared by Lord Swinton, Secretary of State for
Commonwealth Relations, in anticipation of Australian acceptance
of the proposal.

The Committee discussed at some length the Japanese application
for accession to the G.A.T.T. and the implications of the current
proposals for a form of limited Japanese participation while the
application for accession is pending.

It was agreed that
(1) As far as Australia is concerned the Japanese application for
accession should follow the recognised G.A.T.T. procedures.

(2) The Australian Delegation should not support proposals which
in effect extended special concessional treatment to Japan.

(3) Previous instructions to the Australian Delegation to the 8th
Session of the G.A.T.T. Contracting Parties (Cabinet Decision 808
of 13th August, 1953 [2]) to abstain from voting or questions
relating to Japanese accession on participation should be

(4) The Prime Minister would convey the substance of this decision
to Lord Swinton.

1 The Committe on Overseas Commercial Relations. Ministers present
were Menzies (Chairman), O'Sullivan and McBride, with officials
representing Departments of the Prime Minister, National
Development, External Affairs, Commerce & Agriculture, Trade &

Customs and Treasury.

2 Document 41.

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