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Historical documents

43 Cabinet Decision 833

2nd September, 1953

Submission No. 542-Trade with Japan

Cabinet agreed:

(1) to increase the level of licensing of Japanese imports from
12m. c.i.f. per annum to 18m. c.i.f. per annum as from 1st
October, next; and

(2) that the range of permitted imports within this higher ceiling
be widened to enable a better assessment of the strength of
present-day Japanese competition.

Cabinet directed that a full investigation into Australia's
trading position, vis-a-vis Japan, should be immediately
undertaken by the Departments of Trade and Customs, Commerce,
National Development and Treasury.

Cabinet observed that the application of this decision to New
Guinea should be worked out by the Departments of Trade and
Customs, Treasury and Territories.

[AA : A4905/XMI, VOLUME 20]
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