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Historical documents

32 Letter From Farmers & Settlers'association To Department Of Commerce & Agriculture

17th June, 1953

The Executive Committee of this Association at a meeting held on
the 12th inst., discussed a matter which had arisen from newspaper
publicity on that date regarding the reported attitude of Japan
with regard to wool purchases from Australia and the limitation of
such because of the effect of trade restriction on sterling

My Executive appreciates that the subject is one of considerable
importance having many facets of bearing on world trade generally
and particularly Australia. There is also the aspect of war effect
on the Australian people in development of trade with Japan.

It is considered by the Committee however, that the importance of
preservation of development of Australian exports of primary
products is essential to the Nation, therefore it is felt that
there should be some consideration given to examination of some of
the lesser secondary industries regarding the protection afforded
those and luxury industries, a protection which may not be
warranted and is having the effect of restriction of trade with

My Committee is not making a recommendation other than one of
suggestion that your Department might well examine the position
with a view to the long range assurance of markets for Australian
primary products.

General Secretary

[AA : A609/1, 317/20/7]
Last Updated: 11 September 2013
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