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231 Cablegram From Department Of External Affairs To Embassy In Tokyo

6th September, 1957



Debate on the Japanese Trade Agreements has continued in both
Houses. Opposition has moved an amendment expressing disapproval
of the Agreement. Senate has in addition an alternative amendment
by Democratic Labour, requesting that the Government immediately
restrict imports from Japan to those which will not cause
unemployment in Australian industries.

Low wages, child labour and poor working conditions in Japan have
been stressed by Opposition. Also United States investment in

Government back benchers have supported Agreement but stress need
for vigilance.

Prime Minister entered debate last night on need for a trade
agreement, the benefit for Australia from the Agreement, the
improbability of Japan acting so as to cause Australia to abrogate
the Agreement. In supporting the safeguards, he said that Japan is
being given a list, subject to variation, of Australian industries
likely to be sensitive to Japanese competition. We have not
released any further information on sensitive list. [1]

Debate continues in Representatives Tuesday, Senate adjourned
until 1st October.

1 Annex A, Document 164.

[AA : A1838/280, 3103/10/2, v]
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