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Historical documents

218 Cablegram From Patterson To Crawford

26th June, 1957



Australia-Japanese Trade Agreement

At a social function last night I met a number of senior Board of
Trade officials and I gathered that their general feeling in
relation to this agreement is that some liberalisation of Japanese
imports to Australia was to be expected but they consider that if
the reports are correct then our steps are too comprehensive and
rather risky; if a more gradual approach over say three years was
implemented it would be more palatable to United Kingdom
industries and would not cause any political disturbance here.

B.O.T. also concerned that Australia may be considering granting
special quotas for Japanese imports as distinct from including any
benefits under the agreement within the present import licensing

This view is passed to you as information and not at the request
of the B.O.T.

[AA : A1838/283, 759/1/7, Ail
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