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Historical documents

21 Memorandum From Department Of External Affairs To Department Of

25th February, 1953

Canberra, 25 February 1953

Following is an extract from a note on an interview between our
Minister and the Japanese Ambassador in Canberra on 17th February:

'The Japanese Ambassador referred to the Prime Minister's
announcement of 16th February regarding a further relaxation of
the import restrictions and asked why the relaxation did not apply
to Japanese imports. The Ambassador said that the dollar clause
had been removed from the Sterling Area Trade Agreement and he did
not understand why Japanese imports were still to be restricted.

He asked permission to approach Trade and Customs authorities
direct to discuss trade matters. The Minister said that he had no
objection whatsoever to the Ambassador discussing trade matters
with the trade authorities and he would speak to them about it.'
2. Copy of this memorandum has been sent to the Departments of
Trade and Customs and the Treasury.

[AA : A609/1, 555/120/4, i]
Last Updated: 11 September 2013
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