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168 Cablegram From Stuart To Department Of Trade

14TH November, 1956


3 79. Japan 'Times' this morning includes the following:

'The Ministries concerned in coordinating the purchase programme
of the United States surplus agricultural products and the Japan-
Australia trade Tuesday agreed at their meeting on the necessity
of the imports of 400,000 tons of Australian wheat, despite the
fact that importation from Australia might affect the surplus
wheat import from the United States. They decided to report it to
Agriculture-Forestry Minister, Kono.' No other similar report in
other English or Japanese papers but probably correct. However,
representatives [1] only lower level decision at this stage.

Correction my 378. Garnett [2] already in Japan and had first
meeting with Kono yesterday.

Japanese trade circles advise that the next few days will be
critical for us. Therefore repeat suggestion for intensified wheat
pressure. [3]

1 Presumably this word should read 'represents'.

2 Gwynn Garnett, Administrator, US Foreign Agricultural Service.

Stuart had advised that Garnett would accompany US Under Secretary
of Agriculture True D. Morse on a brief visit to Tokyo, during
which more detailed negotiations concerning the acceptance of a
new US surplus program were expected.

3 Westerman asked that Stuart be advised that 'our whole approach
in the delegation is not that the present days are "critical for
us"-they are critical for Japan. Unless she can find a way out of
her domestic and international problems and accord us what we can
reasonably regard as M.F.N. conditions, she loses the first
opportunity that she has had of getting access to our markets on
M.F.N. conditions.'

[AA : A1838/283, 759/1/7, iv]
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