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Historical documents

135 Cabinet Decision 203

21st May, 1956


Submission No. 174-Trade Negotiations with Japan [1]

Cabinet agreed that trade negotiations be entered into with Japan
on the basis that:-

(1) Australia seek commitments by Japan to safeguard our export
interests in her market, e.g. in tariff treatment, import
licensing treatment, her internal economic policies on major
Australian commodities (wool, wheat and barley), and opportunity
of prior consultation in respect of proposed receivals of aid or
surplus primary commodities from U.S.A. which might prejudice
Australian trade interests;

(2) subject to Australia's retaining full freedom to safeguard
Australian industry or established trade of the U.K. or other
suppliers to Australia from a disruptive volume of imports from
Japan, Australia be prepared to consider accepting commitments to
extend most-favoured-nation treatment to Japan in tariff matters,
and (subject to currency considerations) the same import licensing
treatment as is extended to non-dollar countries generally;

(3) the Customs Tariff (Industries Preservation) Act be amended to
enable emergency duties to be applied to the extent necessary to
control low-cost imports from Japan so as to avoid serious damage
to Australian industry or established patterns of trade.

Cabinet appointed Sir Arthur Fadden, Mr Casey and Sir Philip
McBride as a committee of reference for the Minister for Trade to
keep informed and to consult as necessary during the course of

Cabinet invited the Minister for Trade:

(1) to inform other Commonwealth countries of the Government's
intention to enter into negotiations;

(2) to make a public announcement at an appropriate time.

1 Document 130.

[AA : A 1838/283, 759/1/7, iv]
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