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Historical documents

86 Glasheen to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 14 (extract), SALONIKA, 8 February 1948, 3 p.m.


Sub-Committee 2, political, 7th February, unanimously adopted Australian proposal to address communication to the 4 Balkan Governments[1], drawing attention to the Assembly's recommendation to establish normal diplomatic and good neighbourly relations, stressing the view of the committee that this was the key to the present Balkan problem and urging as the first step in its primary mission, the conciliation committee or political sub-committee would be glad to visit the Governments concerned to discuss the points of difference and conditions necessary for the resumption of normal relations. This proposal and draft communication will now be presented by the sub-committee to the full committee on 10th February.[2]

2. Political sub-committee was suggested in order to open door widest to northern neighbours. It consists of Mexican chairman (former President of the Council of the League and Security Council), China and Australia and may shortly include Brazil and Pakistan - all disinterested powers.

[1] That is, the governments of Greece, Albania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.

[2] The full committee unanimously approved the proposal on 11 February 1948. It also accepted, substantially, the Australian draft of the communication.

[AA : A1838, 852/20/1, II]
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