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Historical documents

85 Glasheen to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 13, SALONIKA, 2 February 1948, 6.45 p.m.


Arrived Athens 26th. In calls on United Kingdom Ambassador and Greek Foreign Ministry took the opportunity to expressing to the former our apprehension at the present activities of the Committee and to the latter our misgivings at the recent repressive measures by the Greek Government.

2. On January 28th, joined the sub-Committee of three (refugees and minorities) which was leaving Athens on Greek destroyer to visit the refugee camp at Syros on return journey to Salonika.

3. On arrival at Salonika, January 30th, called on the Yugoslav Consul and continued soundings of the Delegates begun on Syros trip. There is a fairly widespread uneasiness felt in particular by delegates of Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico, China and the Netherlands at distortion of the Committee's mandate of conciliation to one of investigation and to that extent telegram 9[1] from Salonika was an accurate report of the then trends. In the absence of a lead this uneasiness has not found positive expression. Brazil and Mexico were about to take the initiative by move to recommend Special Assembly. While sharing the apprehension of these Delegates at the current position, I have stressed in private that solution is not a Special Assembly (which I have strongly opposed) but a real attempt to carry on positive conciliatory functions of the Committee along the lines of your 2 and 4.[2] While sceptical reserve has been shown as to the outcome of such approach, it will not be without support and the move to request a Special Assembly will now be postponed.

4. On the impending return of Kirk[3] from Brussels, general misgivings at the present role of the Committee will be fully aired at informal private meeting of the Delegates at which Australian viewpoint will be fully put. At first ensuing formal meeting I shall move in accordance with instructions communicating to you in advance outline of the resolution.

5. Your telegram 6 has been most helpful.

[1] Document 81.

[2] See Document 83 and note 2 thereto.

[3] Admiral Alan G. Kirk, representative for the United States on UNSCOB.

[AA : A1838, 852/20/1, II]
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