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Historical documents

79 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN969, NEW YORK, 7 December 1949, 8.57 p.m.


Ad Hoc Committee Palestine.

1. Committee approved Australian resolution with amendments of Sub-Committee by roll call vote 35 to 13 with 11 abstentions this afternoon. Arabs, Soviet Group, majority of Western Union, France, Belgium, Denmark and Luxemburg and Latin Americans, except Uruguay, Guatemala and Chile and three abstentions, supported. China and Burma voted in favour and Philippines and Thailand abstained. British Commonwealth; United Kingdom and South Africa opposed; New Zealand, Canada and India abstained and Pakistan supported.

2. So far as Plenary is concerned there seems little doubt that resolution will secure necessary two thirds especially as we have continued our work and are confident that two abstentions will change to voting in favour and one negative will become abstention. This means the task of opponents to the resolution practically impossible especially as all parts secured two thirds in the voting. Voting has been a complete vindication of principles which have been stated by Australia since United Nations was first seized of this question.[1]

[matter omitted]

[1] The General Assembly approved the resolution (303 (IV)) on 9 December 1949 by a vote of 38 to 14 with 7 abstentions.

[AA : A1838, 852/10/11, I]
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