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Historical documents

78 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN923 (extract), NEW YORK, 29 November 1949


3. Committee has set up sub-committee of seventeen including Australia to endeavour work out agreed resolution. Before sub-committee was set up we reserved right ask for vote on our resolution, which has considerable support, no matter what might be result of sub-committee's work. It seems unlikely that sub-committee can produce anything which will have general agreement although large majority likely favour some such scheme as ours possibly by process of amending statute proposed by Conciliation Commission to bring it much closer to statute Trusteeship Council.[1] Were we to support this course our attitude would probably be decisive, and urgent instructions would be appreciated as to whether we should endeavour maintain framework of our resolution or seek secure same end by amending Conciliation Commission's proposals. As sub-committee will meet tomorrow morning and a decision as to the form its work is likely to take will probably be made tomorrow, these instructions should reach us before 9 am New York time, November 30.[2]

[1] That is, the Statute of Jerusalem which provided for a special international regime under UN administration.

[2] External Affairs replied on 30 November 1949 advising that it was not practicable to consult the Minister and the Delegation should endeavour to avoid a definite decision to use the Conciliation Commission report as the basis of the Sub-Committee's discussion.

[AA : A5460, 118/4, I]
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