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Historical documents

75 Sharett to Evatt

Cablegram unnumbered, [NEW YORK], 23 November 1949

View our long tradition consultation cooperating on matters affecting Israel within United Nations I permit myself make following observations on Australian draft resolution. We fully appreciate that this resolution is animated by consistent stand on principle on behalf original partition resolution. However despite all our efforts Arab violence successfully prevented implementation that resolution. Arab assault and siege of Jerusalem compelled organisation its defence and administration in direct association with State of Israel. Only this process of partnership between Israel and Jerusalem saved city its inhabitants from annihilation. Two years have now elapsed during which Jewish area has become an integral part of Israel bound to it by every tie of sentiment, language, culture, religion and political allegiance. Jewish Jerusalem relies on Israel for its security and economic and financial support.

To attempt now to implement November 29 statute in totally new circumstances created during two years of swiftly developing history is patently anachronistic. It would in effect disintegrate institutional life of Jerusalem, flout allegiance of its Jewish population, shatter relative stability created by armistice settlement and plunge city into confusion and discontent. It is now abundantly clear that hundred thousand Jews of Jerusalem will not agree to be separated from authority and protection of Israel Government. I would therefore most solemnly urge you reconsider your proposals in light of these deeply rooted and legitimate realities. Primary objective of UN in Jerusalem have been and remains safeguarding and protection of Holy Places and guarantees for religious rights. My government anxious fulfil this objective in most practical and effective manners. Our delegation will make definite proposals to that end.

Am confident you will agree that peace, harmony and welfare of Jerusalem should prevail over all formal considerations even those based on previous resolutions particularly when Assembly deliberately refused to implement the time when implementation was appropriate and seemed practicable. Should be glad work closely with your delegation here in search of common approach such as has been achieved in previous sessions and resulted in unique sentiment of sympathy for Australia and especially for yourself personally throughout Israel and entire Jewish world.

[AA : A1838, 851/12/8, I]
Last Updated: 11 September 2013
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