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Historical documents

73 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN864, NEW YORK, 21 November 1949, 12.59 p.m.


Immediately following telegram contains text of resolution submitted by us on Jerusalem.[1]

2. We have discussed this with over 20 delegations representing all groups in the Assembly. Only U.S.A. and Israel were definitely opposed. Canada and New Zealand, while not enthusiastic, see no alternative but to support, and text is in line with the present South African instructions. McNeil stated that while he did not favour some parts of the resolution he would endeavour not to oppose and would submit question of voting on resolution to London.

3. Arabs have been considering draft along somewhat similar lines, and Pakistan is consulting with them as to whether they can support resolution in present form. India will probably oppose.

4. Latin American reaction generally favourable and, in the cases of Brazil and Venezuela, enthusiastic. Argentina non-committal, but majority of Latins are likely to support, especially after categorical statement by American Catholic hierarchy in favour of our approach which was issued on Saturday.

5. Debate may open tomorrow and our resolution has priority.

1 Submitted to the Ad Hoc Political Committee.

[AA : A1838, 851/12/8, I]
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