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Historical documents

7 Makin to Burton

Cablegram 1006, WASHINGTON, 8 September 1948, 7.17 p.m.


Your letter of 27th August. Today Raynor of State Department, who is proceeding to Paris, during conversation with Harry on Assembly Agenda, made the following observations regarding Presidency.

United States have not yet determined their course, but did not wish their silence till now to be interpreted as being unsympathetic to Dr. Evatt. They state Arce is making personal bid, mainly on his own initiative, and, as far as can be learned, without much success. (Chilean Counsellor said yesterday Arce was trying to convince his Government he has strong support.)
United States had received several suggestions that the Leader of the French Delegation should be nominated. United States had considered this possibility but unsettled condition of politics in France seems to have put this out of the question.

It seems to the United States authorities that Dr. Evatt is only outstanding candidate available at present. However, position of the United States will not be determined until Delegation meets in Paris.

[AA : A3195, 1948, I.14599]
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