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61 Evatt to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Austdel 193, PARIS, 9 November 1948, 11.58 p.m.

Your E92.

I think that a telegram should be sent from Australia.[1] In addition I think that the Bernadotte plan as starting point is quite out of the question and that basis of territorial settlement must be the existing Assembly Resolution of last year. The proper course would be to appoint a Boundary Commission which taking the Assembly Resolution as the basis also takes account of Bernadotte's resolutions (which were tentative in any event) and any other recommendations with the proviso imposed on the Boundary Commission to accept any change agreed by interested parties and if not so agreed to recommend any changes to the future Assembly. In the meantime the state of Israel would have to be recognised. The successes of the Israel army have been very considerable. If approach mentioned herein were adopted there is no real reason why state should not be a stabilizing influence in Middle East.

[1] A subsequent telephone message from Walsh in Paris advised that Evatt would handle the matter personally and would contact Noel-Baker by telephone. See annotation on cablegram 18, dispatched 11 November 1948, on file aa : a3318, l48/3/1/8, ii.

[AA : A1838, 191/2/1]
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