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Historical documents

48 Australian Government to Bernadotte

Cablegram unnumbered, CANBERRA, 25 August 1948

Your cable of 16th August.[1]

Australian Government has considered your request and is very glad to be able to provide the quantities of supplies you have asked for, namely, 1,000 tons of wheat, 50 tons of cheese and 50 tons of butter. It will not, unfortunately, be possible to divert supplies that are already seaborne or in nearby ports but urgent arrangements are being undertaken to provide shipping from Australia at the earliest possible moment. We will let you know further when details have been finalised.

[1] It made an urgent appeal for food for 330,000 Arab and 7,000 Jewish refugees.

[AA : A1838, 191/2/2, I]
Last Updated: 11 September 2013
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