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36 Message for Burton

Memorandum, [CANBERRA], 5 May 1948

In answer to a question from Dame Enid Lyons this afternoon the Minister stated that he had seen the latest development in the United Nations discussion on Palestine that there should be a standstill and ceasefire agreement, and that the UN should take the matter up again at its September Session. The Minister further stated that Australia would support this in an endeavour to stop the happenings in Palestine.

The Minister wishes you to ring John Hood at once and tell him of his desires in this matter. He feels that in the present situation of practical partition it might be unwise at this juncture to press the partition decision further, and that we should give support to some cease hostilities arrangement (apparently proposed by Cuba) and take the matter up again in September. Unanimity might be possible on such a resolution. Jewish control of most of their area would be safeguarded and consolidated by such an arrangement, and the immediate prospect of bloodshed might be averted.

Our latest information is attached.

[AA : A1838, 852/19/2, I]
Last Updated: 11 September 2013
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