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Historical documents

330 Mighell to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 830 (extract), LONDON, 11 March 1948, 6.06 p.m.


At my suggestion Nimmo has telegraphed Treasury details of talk by Bevin to High Commissioners including Eire and Ceylon on 10th March re continuing organisation for E.R.P.[1] I would stress two points which emerged -
1. Impossibility of having any formal consultative machinery for Commonwealth. In view of this Bevin urged each Government put its views frankly and quickly to United Kingdom where its interests were affected. While he promised keep Commonwealth Governments informed of developments at every stage sometimes decisions will have to be made on E.R.P. arrangements with insufficient time to consult Commonwealth countries. It would therefore be useful put any views we have now as soon as possible.

[1] European Recovery Program.

[AA : A1838, 81/3/1/2, I]
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