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Historical documents

309 Galleghan to Departments of External Affairs and Immigration

Cablegram EB73, BERLIN, 2 September 1949, 5.30 p.m.


Since the last meeting in Berlin the Western Military Governors decided to accept a British memorandum regarding the future of missions. Political advisers were instructed to draft a letter to be sent to Missions. What will probably be the finally agreed draft has been passed to us by the British. It states that although the Missions will be civilian, the Chief of the Berlin Mission would be accepted as the Chief of the Bonn Mission.[1]

It asks for a Government publication appointing a Mission to Bonn[2] name[3] of Chief. Facilities are then enumerated. No occupation cost but official recommendation to the Germans to provide accommodation which must be within city limits and not in any of the Allied Sectors. However for the transitional period Allies will provide accommodation near Bonn for one officer per Mission. Although not permitted occupation costs the Missions may draw rations from and use clubs and canteens not of the Allies paying in pounds francs and dollars.

2. Other Allied bodies in the Western Zones not United Kingdom, United States or French areas from January 1st, 1950 to obtain accommodation and supplies from the German economy, obtaining currency through appropriate financial channels. When in June the United States proposed withdrawing occupation facilities from Allied bodies in their zone other than United Kingdom and French, bodies which were of major assistance to the occupation such as I.R.O.[4] were exempted. Australian Migration teams were included in this category. This has been brought to the attention of the British unofficially and when formal note is received will be taken up officially.

3. The draft states finally 'it is not the intention of[5] to introduce in the future any modification of the present arrangements for maintenance of Missions in Berlin'.

4. Copy of formal note will be forwarded by air when received. Please inform Immigration.

5. Please advise your views regarding posting of one officer at Bonn which will necessitate appointment of an additional Second or Third Secretary.[6]

[1] Bonn was to be the capital of the West German government.

[2] A sign and a gap in the text here indicates 'group indecipherable'.

[3] A sign here indicates 'corrupt group'.

[4] International Refugee Organization.

[5] A sign and a gap in the text here indicates 'group indecypherable'.

[6] External Affairs sent a cablegram (3907, dispatched 9 September 1949) to Heydon informing him that it wished to retain Berlin as the headquarters of the senior Australian representative in Germany and asked him to ascertain informally the reaction of the Foreign Office to the proposal. It would also be replacing the military head with a civilian head.

[AA : A1838, 851/12/6, I]
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