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Historical documents

296 Beasley to Burton

Cablegram 2680, LONDON, 9 August 1948, 6.55 p.m.


Your 2967.[1]

I raised this matter informally here about 30th July and was told that the talks would be reported in a series of Top Secret messages to the Prime Minister through the United Kingdom Office, Canberra. I understand that the latest telegram in this series was sent on 7th August, bringing the account of the talks up to the last meeting between the three Western Representatives and Molotov.[2]

2. The Minister was informed of essential features up to Wednesday 4th August and I am to-day sending him a further telegram.

[1] Document 294.

[2] C.R. Price, Deputy High Commissioner for the United Kingdom in Canberra, had sent Chifley several personal and top secret communications between the 4th and 9th of August 1948, but Burton did not receive them until 10 August. Burton then advised Beasley to take no further action.

[AA : A1838, 29/2/1/5]
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