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Historical documents

278 Department of External Affairs to Noel-Baker

Cablegram 50, CANBERRA, [26 February] 1948


Your H.20. Germany.

With reference to participation of Benelux countries in tripartite discussions, we note from composition of agenda that there is possibility of these countries being associated in discussions on other local economic questions, notably items (d) Security against Germany; (e) reparations; (f) Evolution of political and economic organisation of Germany; all of which are of vital interest to Australia and other major belligerents.

2. We would appreciate having it made clear how far discussion is contemplated on general political items of agenda and how far Benelux will be associated with them under the present arrangement. We trust that conversations will in no way prejudice our right to put forward full and free views on these matters at appropriate time.

[AA : A1838, 29/2/3/7, II]
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