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Historical documents

267 Australian Delegation, World Health Assembly, to Australian Government

Cablegram WHO (E)5, GENEVA, 2 July 1948, 9.25 a.m.


Reference your 15.[1]

For article 50 (B) of our WHO.4 please read article 50 (F) of W.H.O. Constitution.

2. India proposes much regional activity, nature and ultimate extent of which cannot be foreseen. We must emphasise possible result of additional financial commitments as result of joining this area.

3. It is not certain and in fact may be considered doubtful whether N.E.I. and perhaps Malaya are willing join the Indian area. Pakistan, Iraq and Iran have decided to join European in preference to Indian area.

4. We recommend to you that Australia support the idea of an Indian area extending to Burma and a Chinese area extending to Siam but that Australia remain independent of either area for the time being.

5. Definition of Indian and Chinese areas by Assembly cannot be postponed.

6. Australia could join India later if desired but once joined could only leave area on plea of setting up an active area and organisation centred on Australia which we doubt whether you desire at the present.

7. Please advise urgently.

[1] Cablegram 15, dispatched 1 July 1948, sought clarification of paragraph 4 (c) of Document 266.

[AA : A1838, 383/1/2/1, III]
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