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Historical documents

26 Department of External Affairs to Hood

Cablegram 180, CANBERRA, 12 April 1948



1. Our general attitude on the question of Palestine is known to you, and you will have a copy of a statement made by the Minister when the announcement was made that the partition plan was to be reconsidered. Further instructions are not necessary, but, for your guidance, the immediately following telegram is copy of a note sent to the Embassy in response to an approach made by the Embassy regarding the United States proposals. The Minister's recent speech in the House[1] will also give you a general guide, particularly from the point of view of emphasising the two points made in paragraph 6 of immediately following telegram.

2. Please keep us fully informed of developments and, in particular, as to timing of statements. While it is desirable for you to make a general statement at the outset, it would be preferable if this were made on Friday or even Monday. It would be undesirable to accept any office particularly having in mind limited delegation.

[1] On 8 April 1948.

[AA : A1838, 852/19/2, I]
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