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Historical documents

247 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN770, NEW YORK, 3 November 1949, 7.49 p.m.


1. Second Committee adopted Australian Resolution 3[9][1] to 5 (Soviet Group).

[matter omitted]

3. Czechoslovakia proposal [vo]ted on paragraph by paragraph. We abstained throughout and voted against Resolution as a whole which was defeated 6-21-2[1].

4. Debate has been useful and has advanced principle of full employment. U.S.A. and all industrialised countries spoke strongly in favour of our proposal and under-developed countries made it clear that additions sought by them were not intended to weaken Resolution.

[1] Material in square brackets corrected from account of proceedings published in United Nations, Yearbook of the United Nations 1948-49, (New York, 1950), p.463.

[AA : A1838, 852/11/6]
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