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Historical documents

244 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN713, NEW YORK, 25 October 1949, 7.59 p.m.


Full Employment.

1. U.S.A. spoke supporting an Australian resolution. Outlined recovery in U.S.A. and plans for meeting any further decline. 'Current economic outlook for E.I.A.[1] gave reasons for assurance and not for alarm'. Said question had been given admirable setting for its discussion in the Assembly by Australian resolution and presentation. Text by air.

2. India proposed following amendment: Add to second last paragraph after 'employment' the words 'especially in underdeveloped countries'.

3. Pakistan proposed following amendment: Insert new paragraph 'declares that insofar as large numbers of people engaged in agricultural pursuits in underdeveloped countries are constantly underemployed, national and international action should be taken to remove this perennial source of unemployment and economic weakness in those countries'.

4. Byelorussia attacked unemployment in U.S.A. and Marshall Plan countries and supported W.F.T.U. proposals which will be formally sponsored in Committee by Czechoslovakia.

5. Norway supported Australia. New Zealand spoke mainly outlining action being taken in New Zealand to promote full employment.

6. We hope to persuade India to withdraw amendment and Pakistan to re-word its proposal. Tendency exists among underdeveloped countries to turn discussion into another debate on development and we are trying to counter this in private conversation with delegations concerned.

[1] Possibly export-import account.

[AA : A1838, 778/5/4]
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