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Historical documents

243 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN703, NEW YORK, 24 October 1949, 7.49 p.m.


Full employment.

1. Australia opened debate to-day[1], spoke along the lines of your 524[2] supplemented by brief. Also said that no unemployment existed in Australia to-day. Referred to Australian plans to forestall depression and to public works reserve, basing it on Prime Ministers statement. Full text by air. Tabled resolution.

2. United Kingdom supported resolution and expressed General Agreement with Australian statement. Most of speech devoted to exposition of United Kingdom plans to maintain employment.

3. Brazil outlined special problems of under-developed countries and stressed responsibilities of USA. Pointed out that many countries within dollar area had shortages of dollars. First part of speech was very thoughtful but general effect was to lay too much blame on USA for economic difficulties of other countries.

4. USA speaks to-morrow and will support Australian resolution.

[1] In the Second Committee of the Assembly.

[2] Document 242.

[AA : A1838, 778/5/4]
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