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238 Department of External Affairs to Australian Delegation, Economic and Social Council

Cablegram 90, CANBERRA, 5 August 1949


Your 122.

Presume you have now seen our 87.[1]

Minister is most anxious that Council's resolution should recommend that question be discussed by Assembly at next session as set out in our 87.

Economic and Employment Commission has proved ineffective body and, in addition, needless and detrimental delay would be involved in waiting for next session of E.C.O.S.O.C. for further action. You will appreciate that, for effectiveness, discussion in Council is no substitute for discussion in Assembly. Minister's view is that question should be opened up at Assembly level as soon as possible, in view of necessity to promote action to maintain full employment before forces making for spread of recession father strength.

We are not impressed by fears that discussion in Assembly would react unfavourably on business psychology. This situation must be faced if any effective action is to be taken. To heed such fears would be to stultify all preparations for international action made over past five years.

Accordingly you should press strongly in preliminary discussions for amendment of French resolution in accordance with instructions in our 87. If our position is not accepted at this stage you should endeavour to obtain sufficient support to justify moving amendment when question is discussed in Council.

You should not agree to accept joint sponsorship of French resolution as it now stands.

It is essential that you send full and frequent reports of attitudes of other delegations to our proposal so that we may assess position accordingly.

If you require support in pressing our proposals you may call on services of Colonel Hodgson.

[1] Document 236.

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