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Historical documents

221 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN616 (extract), NEW YORK, 10 July 1948, 3.14 p.m.


Interim Committee my telegram 605.

1. Committee on July 9th concluded discussion on the report of sub-committee 3 and it was agreed to pass to the General Assembly recommendations contained in document A/AC/18/66 part 5[1] with minor amendments.[2]

2. Australian position stated generally along the lines of your cables 184[3], 276, 318.[4] The following is a brief summary. (Text by Savingram).

3. Australian objectives as in memo 68 of 5th March. Australian proposals at San Francisco and at first and second sessions of General Assembly. Australia supports reasons of voting procedure which would facilitate practical working of Security Council. Proposals for revision of Charter at this stage unlikely to promote more effective working. Proposal for requests to permanent members to agree on modification supported even in appropriate cases where decisions concerned not procedural. In particular favoured non-use of veto in conciliation and pacific settlement matters. Supported recommendations of sub-committee 3 in general and in particular conclusions 1 and 2[5] A/AC18/66 to the extent that this did not amount to amendment of the charter.

[1] See Document 219.

[2] The General Assembly approved the recommendations on 14 April 1949 in resolution 267(III).

[3] Document 218.

[4] Document 220.

[5] See note 1 to Document 219.

[AA : A1838, 852/20/3, III]
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