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Historical documents

220 Department of External Affairs to Australian Delegation, United Nations

Cablegram 318, CANBERRA, 6 July 1948


Your UN 587 and 567.[1]

You should review position from time of San Francisco debates[2] pointing out Australia has always pressed for elimination of veto on conciliation and that main difficulty of Security Council have arisen out of misuse of veto in relation to these matters. We therefore support recommendations[3] of sub-Committee 3 to this effect in Interim Committee.

In view of United Kingdom's reservation, please advise immediately concerning attitude likely to be adopted by them in Interim Committee.[4]

[1] Respectively UN587, dispatched 30 June 1948, which reported the agenda for the next meeting of the committee on 7 July 1948, and UN567, dispatched 23 June 1948, which summarised a working group report.

[2] A reference to the San Francisco conference that established the United Nations Organization (see Volume 8).

[3] See Document 219.

[4] The delegation replied in Cablegram UN605, dispatched 7 July 1948, that the United Kingdom was concerned about two of the items in the list of categories referred to in conclusion 2 (see note 1 to Document 219). Despite this, the United Kingdom was satisfied that the sub-committee's report could be passed to the Assembly.

[AA : A1838, 852/20/3, III]
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