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219 Second Report of Sub-Committee

Document A/AC.18/66, NEW YORK, 24 June 1948

The Problem of Voting in the Security Council Second Report of Sub-Committee 3
[matter omitted]

The Sub-Committee presents the following conclusions for the approval of the Interim Committee and subsequent recommendation to the General Assembly:

[matter omitted][1]

3. That the General Assembly
Recommend to the permanent members of the Security Council that:

(a) Wherever possible, consultations should take place among them concerning important decisions to be taken by the Security Council;

(b) They agree among themselves to consult with one another where possible, before a vote is taken, if their unanimity is required to enable the Security Council to function effectively;

(c) They agree that, if there is not unanimity, the minority of the permanent members, mindful of the fact that they are acting on behalf of all the United Nations, would only exercise the 'veto' when they consider the question of vital importance to the United Nations as a whole, and that they would explain on what grounds they consider this condition to be present;

(d) They agree that they will not exercise their 'veto' against a proposal simply because it does not go far enough to satisfy them;

(e) They agree on the definition of a dispute, for the purposes of Article 27, paragraph 3[2], of the Charter, which is contained in Part III, comment on Item 22.

4. That the General Assembly
Recommend to the Members of the United Nations that in agreements conferring functions on the Security Council such conditions of voting within this body be provided as would exclude the application of the existing rule of unanimity.

[1] Conclusion 1 recommended that the Security Council deem as procedural some 36 items in the list of the council's possible decisions and act upon them accordingly. Conclusion 2 recommended that the council adopt a further 21 items by the vote of any seven members whether the decisions be considered procedural or non-procedural.

[2] See note 3 to Document 218.

[AA : A1838, 852/20/3, III]
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